Friday, 7 August 2009

Flora, Goldblatt and Stone Martin

I mentioned Jim Flora in my first post. Well here are examples of LP cover art by two of the other most talented illustrators who contributed to the jazz record labels. In fact, between them Burt Goldblatt (Holiday in Sax) and David Stone Martin (The President) pretty much provided the foundations of jazz album cover design. Besides working for EmArcy (Mercury) as in this example, Goldblatt almost single handedly supervised the output of Bethlehem (including a great deal of fine photography) while Stone Martin served a similar function on Norman Granz's labels, including Norgran, Clef and Verve. To see some impressive examples of their work, visit the archive of album covers at the Birka Jazz archive where there are a collections of cover images by Goldblatt and Stone Martin.

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