Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mission Statement (and Some Good Cat Art)

This blog is only for the coolest of cats, so if you're not sufficiently cool, look away now. All right, it's actually for everyone. But it is particularly for those who, like me, like listening to jazz perhaps more than is strictly good for them. Especially on vinyl. Preferably on serious valve amps and vintage Quad electrostatic speakers (see below). So, right, another music blog then. This is what the world needs. Incidentally, the great illustration here is by Nick Nelson, and is a kind of homage to the jazz illustrator Jim Flora. You can get a copy of this CD from Ace Records. As for the Quad speakers, I suggest trawling the internet for a good pair. They're arguably the finest loudspeaker ever made. You might find a pair being sold in a scrap yard by someone who thinks they're radiators.

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